Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My Girlfriend is a Dominatrix

Name: My Girlfriend is a Dominatrix 
Author: enkaboots
Series: Original
Description: This is an English translation patch for the game My Girlfriend is a Dominatrix by enkaboots. In order to play the game, you'll need to purchase the original from the original author's website (link below) and then apply the English patch. The game only costs about $8!

Instructions for buying from DLsite courtesy of Poep from sadpanda:

1) Register at DlSite. I used fake information (except E-mail, but I assume most of you have a seperate 'adult' E-mail adress ready for stuff like this), and I'm not even sure this is needed since you can probably buy it as a guest, but for re-downloading you might want to make an account anyway since you'll have to fill out the same info when buying as a guest anyway. I think they already ask you to choose between Creditcard or Other payments during registration, but you can always change it.

2) Put the game in your basket, go to your basket, and make sure you have the Other payment option selected in your account. On the right is a pink button that will take you to the checkout and allow you to choose between the different 'other' payment methods, but the button will NOT work if you use Google Translate on the page (using the standard feature for that in Chrome, at least).

3) Now select the Bitcash EX option. If you buy as a guest, I think you actually already get this choice when still in your basket, so at step 2. You will be taken to a screen where you have to fill out a 16 characters long Hiragana code. You can buy this card/code online. I personally used, but I've used them before and for your first order they ask some kind of confirmation showing your adress/name. So this will make the process take a lot longer and might not be possible for anyone. I remember I was able to simply send a picture of a bill I received and blurred out everything non-related, but if you don't want to do that you might be able to buy the cards somewhere else online as well. It was simply the easier option for me since I had already gone through that process with them years ago and for future purchases they won't ask for it again, so I got the code by mail in a few hours. If you've got the code, fill it in, and you'll be taken to the confirmation screen and have a button for the download.

4) After you downloaded the game simply follow Kitsu's instruction in the gallery info and although I've only quickly tested it, the game seems to work fine (start the game by opening the index html file).

5) Enjoy the game and feel all fluffy inside for supporting Enka Boots.

Tags: [femdom, bondage, pegging, humiliation]
Download: [Buy Game|Download English Patch]

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

KateKano Ch2

Name: KateKano Ch2
Author: Ohtomo Takuji
Series: KateKano
Description: I smell a harem coming on...
Tags: [hentai, vanilla, oral]
Download: [Fakku|e-hentai|Download]

Monday, 21 April 2014

KateKano Ch1

Name: KateKano Ch1 
Author: Ohtomo Takuji
Series: KateKano
Description: Looks like it's gonna be a harem
Tags: [Hentai, vanilla]
Download: [Fakku|e-hentai|Download]

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Shutter Fucker Sister

Name: Shutter Fucker Sister 
Author: John K Peta
Series: Search & Monzetsu Destroy
Description: The last in our JKP spree... for now...
Tags: [Incest, hentai]
Download: [Fakku|e-hentai|Download]

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Red Hot Beach

Name: Red Hot Beach 
Author: John K Peta
Series: Search & Monzetsu Destroy
Description: I wonder if it's the same beach
Tags: [Group, forced, fisting]
Download: [Fakku|e-hentai|Download]

Crash on the Beach

Author: John K Peta
Series: Search & Monzetsu Destroy
Description: Oh boy
Tags: [Anal, vomit, forced]
Download: [Fakku|e-hentai|Download]

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pink Fire Potato

Name: Pink Fire Potato 
Author: John K Peta
Series: Search & Monzetsu Destroy
Description: In response to those who thought the last one was too tame...
Tags: [Hentai, fisting]
Download: [Fakku|e-hentai|Download]